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Key Points

  • Makes the application system available for use
  • Saves deployment time of the application
  • Enhances security of the applicastion
  • Monitors user actions

What is CCDS standard?

CCDS stands for Citizen Core Data Structure. There are few information which repeat very often in government use. So it is necessary to make a core data structure so that different government application can follow the same structure to make the government service more easier and faster.

According to CCDS there are twelve mandatory fields and eight optional fields for a citizen.

The CCDS guidelines can be downloaded from the link < CCDS guidelines >

CCDS description abot each field

The Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) provides a conceptual naming convention framework with associated structured unique identifiers for indexing and aligning semantically equivalent concepts. It provides a means to associate different data element names (i.e. vocabulary terms) that semantically refer to the same concept, to a standard data element concept name provided by the framework that conforms to the relevant international standard on naming conventions, ISO/IEC 11179-5. A key definition provided in paragraph 3.3.9 of ISO/IEC 11179-1 is “data element concept – concept that can be represented in the form of a data element, described independently of any particular representation.” Interpreting the meaning of data element concepts is the essential first step of enabling semantic interoperability between disparate applications.

Although CCDS is not currently adopting the very generic enterprise-wide perspective of the UDEF, but the following meta-data definitions of the CCDS elements will ensure our initial country-wide e-Governance applications interoperability. CCDS can easily adopt the UDEF at a later date for international and industry-wide interoperability when situation warrants to do so. Applying UDEF principles to the current CCDS can unnecessarily complicate its adoption and delay the CCDS implementations further.

Fields of CCDS

Mandatory Fields Optional Fields
National Id Blood Group
Name in Bangla Educational Qualification
Mother's Information Marital Status
Father's Information Disability
Date of Birth Ethnicity
Birth Place Biometric Information
Present Address
Permenant Address